November 12, 2020


Message to RISE and Community Supporters:


Volunteers managing the needs and funds for RISE - Roslindale Cares Mutual Aid met twice in October to discuss how to continue food and household essentials support to neighbors, begun in late March. 


As we move into Fall and Winter, we need to change how we provide this support across the neighborhood. We will distribute free food and ask people in the community for input on which household essentials or food items we could purchase to supplement the free food.


We will continue to need contributions and believe this new approach will stretch our donations further than the grocery gift card system. Community members are encouraged to share their suggestions and ideas on how to manage distribution of the goods -- especially as the weather gets colder while we still need to protect each other from the COVID virus.  


Active volunteers in this project have raised funds, purchased and organized distribution of grocery store gift cards to many families. This would not have been possible without the generosity of neighbors, families and friends who donated money, provided free translation, designed and maintained the website without charge, managed and responded to requests, assisted with accounting for the funds, and gave freely of their time and effort to shop and deliver. Many people are active in the more recent free food distribution on Cornell Street and at Archdale in coordination with the Roslindale Collective distribution. 


A huge thank you to all the volunteers!


These contributions of time and money reflect that neighbors care for each other and recognize that community is important. This is something to celebrate as we acknowledge the dignity and worth of everyone in our community.


We welcome you to share your ideas and your participation to move this forward. We ask for your continued financial support as we strive to address food insecurity among our neighbors. 


We will do our best to update this website with information about the food distribution schedule, other sources of support for rent, housing concerns, heating assistance and other needs that are beyond our capacity to fund. We will also inform you about volunteer opportunities. We welcome reports of errors or “dead links,” which are expected as resource information changes frequently.


Thank you!


Volunteers with RISE - Roslindale Cares Mutual Aid Project