Help Build Roslindale Cares

This network was put together by a small group of volunteers and we need help from more people to get this thing going on the scale that we need. If you can help us with one of the tasks below, please add your information to our volunteer spreadsheet.


Here are some ways we need support:


Spreading the Word - We need to spread the word about what we’re doing in concise and clear ways to ALL parts of Roslindale.

Translations/Language Justice - Please reach out if you have capacity to translate some of our materials. We are particularly looking for help translating into Spanish, Haitian Creole, Albanian, Portuguese, Greek, and Vietnamese.


(Org Org) Collaboration Opportunities - Why reinvent the wheel? Roslindale is filled with awesome organizations that already have tons of resources and skills. We want to form networks with them to maximize our efforts! Help us reach out to existing networks and figure out how to power up together. If you are an organization that would like to collaborate with Roslindale Cares, please email us at

Admin Support - We need lots of help checking emails, monitoring the offerings/needs sheets, and more. Help us divide up the workload and keep everything moving smoothly!


Etc! We’d love to hear your ideas! Add thoughts to our volunteer spreadsheet.

We got this!